Immutable Ownership is Empowering The Next Generation of Collectors

Digital collectibles have long been a popular way for fans to show their support for a sports team, idol, or franchise. The idea is simple — find a collectible you like and either trade, buy or sell at your leisure. Quidd has served as the leading digital collectible marketplace since 2017 and ensures three core benefits for its users:

  1. Permanence — the ability to own a collectible forever
  2. Proof of Ownership — the ability to prove ownership of your digital collectible
  3. Agency — the freedom and ability to do what you want with your collectible

Blockchain technology has become more commonplace in people’s lives than ever before. That’s why Quidd believes in its potential to transform the digital collectible space. Going forward, new collections produced by Quidd or through Quidd’s new partnerships will be called “Mintables” — digital collectibles that can be minted as an NFT.

Permanence and Agency of Digital Collectibles

Cryptocurrency can be tricky to navigate at times, and NFTs have a tendency to be even more daunting than other digital assets. Even though they’ve existed for over a decade, cryptocurrencies are only now starting to be widely accepted as worthwhile investments. Still, many people look at NFTs and think, “How could a jpeg possibly be worth that much?”

What’s missing for new users are proper tools to explain the significance of NFTs and the underlying technology that makes them immutable assets. For many, the art of collecting is second-nature, but the way NFTs are appraised and traded feels too alien even to begin to understand.

Quidd’s here to streamline this process.

With Quidd Mintables, we allow collectors to choose if they want to convert their digital collectible into an NFT or simply keep it as a digital item. When you purchase a Mintable, the option is there, but the choice is up to you. We know that some fans will be completely satisfied just by collecting and completing sets of digital trading cards. And that’s perfectly fine — we’ve enabled our collectors to buy, sell, and cash out without ever having to touch an NFT.

However, if you’re ready to embrace immutable ownership and its benefits, Quidd makes it easy to get started. You can mint your collectible onto the chain of your choice and own your digital property rights forever. The result? Your NFT is now much more than just a digital collectible. It’s an official token that represents your proof of ownership (digital property rights), and it’s something that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Proof of Ownership

Digital collectibles, whether they are traded or sold, all come with a digital serial code that makes every card unique. With Quidd Mintables, each card still comes with a digital serial code, but if you choose to convert it into an NFT, its digital serial code will be stored on the blockchain and connected to your digital wallet. This ensures that you are the sole digital owner of your (now) NFT collectible, which also keeps a record of each transaction. Your NFT now gives you immutable proof of ownership.

Naysayers are quick to point out the scams that happen in the industry without also acknowledging how important digital collectibles are to our culture. Being able to show reliable and immutable proof of ownership empowers our collectors. This makes it possible to show provenance, especially when digital art and collectibles are fungible in nature. It also unlocks the ability for more and more people to, as Chris Dixon says, “own a piece of the Internet.”

Creating an Immutable Community

Today, collectors have no way to be rewarded for their favorite pastime and the value they’ve developed over the years. Our cryptocurrency, the $QUIDD token, changes that. By allowing collectors to invest in the market, $QUIDD makes it possible to buy into an NFT platform that’ll one day grow as big in cultural significance as eBay. In summary, Quidd is building an immutable community — one that rewards its members for participating and allows them to benefit from our growth and development every step of the way.

We here at Quidd understand the devotion, fandom, and sometimes even obsession with collecting digital items. With our Quidd Mintables, we’re keeping things the same while also giving users a more impactful choice. As Quidd prepares for its first Mintable drop, we’ll be with you every step of the way. Once you have your collectible, all that’s left is to decide whether or not to make it an NFT.

More information about Quidd Mintables will be announced soon, so follow Quidd’s channels for the latest news and updates.

About Quidd

Quidd is the original digital collectible and NFT marketplace. For over five years, Quidd has facilitated the issuance, sale, and exchange of limited-edition and officially licensed digital collectibles, featuring more than 325 of the world’s most popular brands, including Marvel, Disney, Game of Thrones, Rick and Morty, and more.

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Disclaimer: The QUIDD token is being offered solely to persons outside the US.



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