Introducing $QUIDD

Quidd is building the next revolution in collecting — a first-of-its-kind marketplace for every digital collectible imaginable. We know that, in one way or another, everyone is a collector, and we’re here to deliver the best experience when it comes to buying, minting, and trading your favorite NFTs and off-chain assets.


We’d like to give you a warm welcome to Quidd — your ideal solution for selling and preserving officially-licensed digital collectibles from 325 of the most beloved brands.

In a world where NFTs have become a bonafide asset class trading at tens of millions of dollars a piece, our role is to bring the passion of collecting to the masses. That means providing collectors like you with as many options and tools as possible through our chain-agnostic offering.

Today, for those who are active participants in the NFT market, it’s easy to feel like you’ve missed the wave. However, the reality is that only 20% of Americans are familiar with NFTs and only about 4 million Americans own one. That means that the majority of our population is still in the dark when it comes to this booming market. There’s still immense ground we can cover, and there’s still so much left to be built.

At Quidd, we strive to bring both emotional and economic interests to the same marketplace because we know, at their core, everyone is a collector. Every single person collects something at some point in life, and whether it’s comics, trading cards, or even fine wine, collecting has always played a key role in making our life experience feel special and memorable. In fact, industry tracker Market Decipher says that the collectibles market is expected to grow from $370 billion in 2020 to $522 billion in 2028. Couple that with the ballooning NFT market, and you can get an idea of where Quidd is slated to go: instead of the current trend where single NFTs sell for $1 million each, we’ll be leading the way for millions of people to own NFTs for $10 or less. In this way, Quidd isn’t just harnessing the magic and passion of collecting and making it easier than ever to buy and trade assets from your favorite brands, we’re creating the eBay of digital collectibles — a marketplace that’s truly built to last.

But that’s just the beginning. Imagine if eBay had issued a token in the late 90s. Now, imagine buying into it.

The next revolution in retail is here, and $QUIDD is making it possible for you to participate at the very beginning of it all.

Why we matter

Quidd was founded five years ago — long before the NFT boom, and long before the concept of an immutable digital collectible had even been formed. While markets go up and down, we know that collecting is here to stay. We’re playing the long game, and in the process, we’re dedicated to building the most collector-friendly community out there.

When you come to Quidd, you aren’t just collecting new drops or following in the footsteps of a hype cycle. You’ll also have access to vintage digital collectibles that are five or six years old, and, if you own a mintable, you have the rights to mint it as an NFT to your chain of choice. By empowering you with the resources you need when it comes to deciding on which chain you want to mint your collectible — or if you even want to mint it as an NFT at all — Quidd is uniquely positioned to become the leading marketplace for both on-chain and off-chain assets, as well as the leading marketplace for multi-chain NFTs. Our goal is simple: to give you everything you need to fall in love with your collectibles, own them on-chain, and pass them down for generations to come.

By bridging the innovation of all things web3 and NFTs with their roots in collector culture, we’re creating the best resources for collectors and bringing NFTs to as many individuals as possible. One thing’s for sure: Quidd is committed to an open and vibrant ecosystem where content creators, software developers, and collectors alike are compensated for the value they contribute to the network.

Where you can find us

Lastly — but most importantly — none of this could be possible without you. Our community is an integral part of what and why we are building, and we’re so excited to have you be here for what’s in store.

In the next few weeks, we’ll be ramping up our efforts to deliver more value through different content channels. You won’t want to miss it:

  • This will be the first of many Medium posts! There’s going to be a lot of long reads that give more details about the marketplace, $QUIDD and the benefits you’ll only have access to as part of our community! Here’s a sneak preview:
  • Why $QUIDD matters — building a community that lasts for centuries (blockchain creates immutability, so why not build an immutable community?)
  • How Quidd is making NFTs mainstream — soon, everyone will have an NFT just like everyone has an iPhone
  • The power of multichain NFTs — Quidd isn’t just for one blockchain; we’re the leading marketplace for multi-chain NFTs
  • Market resilience — how Quidd fosters empowerment and value that drives a lasting collector community
  • Meet our founding team — why we’re uniquely qualified to lead the next revolution in collectibles
  • Quidd in 2021 and beyond — here’s where we’re headed
  • We’ll be hosting AMAs so you can learn more about our drops, our newest partnerships, and the NFT market as a whole. Stay tuned!
  • We also have a lot of exciting things in store for our early adopters! Make sure you’re following us on Twitter and joining the conversation on Discord.

Here’s to the next generation of collectibles! We can’t wait for you to be a part of everything on the horizon.

DISCLAIMER: The QUIDD token is only being offered to people outside the US.




The official utility token of the Quidd community of collectors, creators, and developers. The QUIDD token is being offered solely to persons outside the US.

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QUIDD Token Blog

QUIDD Token Blog

The official utility token of the Quidd community of collectors, creators, and developers. The QUIDD token is being offered solely to persons outside the US.

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