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3 min readFeb 23, 2022


$QUIDD Beam me up Trading Rewards

Quidd is back with another giveaway: Earn $QUIDD from trading Star Trek items on the Quidd Marketplace

And a chance of double rewards if we get Star Trek daily trading volume passes $4K USD per day!

Wubba Lubba Dub Dub Trading Rewards was so well received that we decided to do it AGAIN. Here’s your chance to participate in our $QUIDD Beam me up Trading Rewards Campaign to reward our users for trading the Star Trek collection on Quidd! You will stand a chance to earn double rewards in $QUIDD tokens.

How do Trading Rewards work?

The campaign starts officially on February 23, 2022 12AM EST and ends on March 2, 2022 11:59PM ET.

Participants that buy and sell any Star Trek item on the Quidd marketplace will be airdropped $QUIDD, Quidd’s native platform token.

Both the buyer and seller will earn rewards for their trading volume (note only aftermarket trades on the Quidd Marketplace will count)

Trading Rewards will be calculated daily and given to participants within 72 hours of the end of this campaign, on 3/4/22.

How to participate?

Step 1: Sign up here

Step 2: Visit the Quidd Marketplace (https://market.onquidd.com)

Step 3: Create an account on the Quidd Marketplace

Step 4: Link your crypto wallet with your Quidd Profile

Step 5: Trade any Star Trek item

Step 6: Earn $QUIDD

That’s it!

How are trading rewards calculated?

Every day, trading rewards are calculated based on each participant’s trading volume on Quidd**, as a percentage of the total platform trading volume, excluding private sales.

Participant A’s trading rewards on Day 1 = a / b * c


a = Participant A’s Trading Volume* During Day 1

b = Total Collection Trading Volume* During Day 1

c = $QUIDD Rewards Per Day

* Trading volume is based on the Star Trek collection (trading volume can be tracked here)

** To be counted, trading volume must be between 12am ET Wed 2/23 and 11:59pm ET Wed 3/2. Days will be counted from 12am to 12am EST.

How big is the total rewards pool?

The total reward pool will be:

  • Minimum: 2,000 $QUIDD/day * 7 days = Total Reward Pool of 14,000 QUIDD
  • Maximum: 4,000 $QUIDD/day * 7 days = Total Reward Pool of 28,000 QUIDD ( bonus)

Bonus: for each day that Star Trek hits trading volume at or greater than its past daily all-time high of $4k in USD, the reward/day will double from 2,000 QUIDD to 4,000 QUIDD

About Quidd

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