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Super staking with Dafi is HERE!! We are very excited to offer you another portal where you can earn big-time rewards for being $Quidd token holders. Read along to learn how you can stake $Quidd tokens to earn rewards on Dafi.

Key features of Super Staking $QUIDD:

  • A 30 day lock-up period for staking $QUIDD on BNB Chain via Super Staking
  • $QUIDD rewards can self-multiply as the network demand and market value fluctuates, which is represented as “Potential” rewards
  • When a user exits the Super Staking pool, 25% of his/her rewards are distributed among those users who remain staking in it. $QUIDD hodlers are better incentivized for the time they stay committed to supporting Quidd.
  • Every 24 hours the $QUIDD Super Staking platform displays the top five users that have staked the biggest amount of $QUIDD
  • An all-in-one tab within the platform to check $QUIDD price, supply metrics, and social media updates will be live soon.

⚠️ $QUIDD Token BSC contract address: 0x7961ade0a767c0e5b67dd1a1f78ba44f727642ed

Quidd Market website:

Quidd Token Website:

Here are a few simple steps to Super Stake $QUIDD

Step 1:

Visit $QUIDD Super Staking website. Link:

Step 2:

Click on ‘‘CONNECT WALLET’’ and choose between MetaMask and Trust Wallet.

Step 3:

Once your wallet is successfully connected, press ‘‘STAKE’’ on the left side menu,

Step 4:

Enter the amount of $QUIDD you want to Super Stake and click on “APPROVE”

Step 5:

You will be prompted with the option to approve the amount of $QUIDD you want to Super Stake. If you agree, click on “PROCEED”

Verify the transaction fees and wait a few seconds until your transaction is confirmed.

Step 6:

Click on ‘‘STAKE’’ to proceed with the amount of $QUIDD you want to Super Stake.

And if you agree click on ‘‘PROCEED’’

Step 7:

Verify the transaction fees and wait a few seconds until your transaction is confirmed.

Step 8:

Once the transaction is confirmed, a pop-up window will appear on your screen indicating that your $QUIDD tokens have been Super Staked.

Step 9:

Go to the “Dashboard” to see the amount of $QUIDD you have Super Staked, your rewards, and potential rewards

You are now using one of the first decentralized applications to implement dQUIDD rewards, where the number of incentives distributed automatically increases or decreases depending on Quidd’s rate of expansion.

Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ:

Is there a withdrawal fee?

There is a small fee on your rewards only upon unstaking or claiming rewards, which are distributed back into the pool for users. This means that if you are a longer-term staker, you will enjoy the benefits of extra rewards from others claiming and exiting the pool.

How is dQUIDD related to QUIDD?

You can partially or entirely withdraw your rewards at any time after the initial lockup, during which the contracts will provide a final real-time calculation of your reward balance in the form of QUIDD. The nature of dTokens incentivizes users through a multiplication effect, if network demand rises, every user’s reward balance will increase. dQUIDD will be fully collateralized by QUIDD and will be redeemed, 1 to 1.

Has the Staking platform been audited?

SuperStaking has passed three full audits published by separate leading cryptosecurity consulting companies Hacken, Omnisia and Blockapex.

Why can’t I press ‘’PROCEED’’ on staking?

If you find that you are having trouble staking your tokens, try leaving them to one decimal place. For example, if you are staking 2500,235 tokens, please try to stake 2500,2 or even only full numbers without decimals. In this case, 2500.

Why are there two transactions for staking?

There is an approval transaction that approves your tokens for use on the staking platform. There is then a secondary transaction to stake your tokens.

Is there a minimum amount for staking?

Yes, there is a minimum of 250 QUIDD.

Is there a lock-in period for staking?

Staking has an initial lock-in period of 30 days for which you will not be able to withdraw or claim rewards. After this 30 day period has passed, you will be able to unstake or claim your rewards at any time.

Can I stake using Ledger?

Yes — please ensure that your Ledger firmware is up to date and that your Ledger settings ALLOW contract data. This can be done on your Ledger by going to ETH > Settings > Contract Data > Change to ALLOWED.

Can I stake using Trust Wallet?

Yes — though please ensure that you are using the desktop version of Trust Wallet, or the Android version and accessing staking via the Trust Wallet dApp browser.

What wallets can I Super Stake with?

Metamask and Trust Wallet are the recommended wallets.

Do rewards compound?

dToken rewards do not compound, though your dToken rewards will increase as the network demand increases!

How often are rewards calculated?

Rewards are earned in real-time, though the UI updates via transaction triggers (staking, unstaking, claiming). This creates a gas-light environment for staking!

Do I have to pay transaction fees when claiming rewards?

Yes — any transaction on the network will incur a transaction fee in the native currency of the network.

What is a dToken?

Users earn rewards in the form of dTokens when networks adopt Super Staking. dTokens are synthetic tokens collateralized 1:1 with the underlying digital asset that they represent. When users claim rewards, synthetic dTokens are burned to provide the equivalent amount of underlying cryptocurrency.

What is Potential?

Potential represents the number of dToken rewards earned and what the active earnings will look like when the network is at peak demand. The number of dTokens earned can increase as network demand increases, and when the price of the underlying asset meets the baseline target, rewards will be at full potential. It is worth noting that dTokens rewards can also go into protection mode to prevent supply shocks. When this happens the number of dTokens rewards earned can decrease until the minimum Demand Factor that the network has set.

What is the Demand Factor?

The Demand Factor is how we determine what the demand for the network is. The Demand Factor is defined by the price which is gathered from decentralized oracle feeds. A baseline target price is set which indicates the price at which the network would be at peak demand. Demand Factor can be adjusted to network requirements.

**The QUIDD token is being offered solely to persons outside the US.**



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