Why $QUIDD Matters

Everyone remembers their first collectible. Whether it was a Pokemon card, a Beanie Baby, a baseball card, or even a piece of clothing by a top designer, collectibles offer us tools to better preserve and remember the most special moments in our lives. But now, new technologies are on the horizon that are set to transform the notion of collecting, giving it a new sense of life and meaning.

Web3 is still in its very early stages, and today, there’s a very real threat to everything this new technology promises to deliver: ephemerality. In a land of desperate pump and dumps, overnight successes, and bull markets that turn to bear markets seemingly at the speed of light, change is the only constant in a world that quite literally feels like the wild west.

But Quidd is set to change that. Our marketplace is uniquely set to take NFTs mainstream by offering a unique sense of stability and permanence for the market. Additionally, with the recent launch of the $QUIDD token, our community now has the opportunity to buy into this very vision — one that’s set to transform the web3 ecosystem as we know it.

It all comes down to the fact that our marketplace and token are solving some of the biggest issues in the NFT community today: price accessibility, bridging the gaps between old and new technology, public perception, token utility, and creating a true community.


Over the past year, CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club fundamentally transformed our perception of just how powerful NFTs could be. They’re the new status symbol — the new way to communicate to everyone on the internet that you’ve made it in the metaverse version of the cool kids club. However, while these NFT collections were fundamental to driving the first wave of early NFT adoption, they’re missing a critical component that will ultimately be one of the key forces behind mainstream adoption: price accessibility.

Today, Bored Apes have a market cap north of $2.5 billion, and CryptoPunks sell for tens of millions of dollars a piece. While these huge numbers are incredible for publicity and the tiny subset of the population that can afford to engage, they don’t do much for everyday individuals — for those of us who have a passion for shopping and collecting, but who also have limited purchasing power.

So, what’s the one thing that’s cooler than selling one NFT for one million dollars? Selling one million NFTs for a dollar a piece.

Quidd is designed to shift the NFT landscape into this new reality. There is a future where billions of people across the planet own an NFT — where they’ll have their iPhone moment and be inextricably linked to our daily lives — and Quidd’s ability to make NFTs financially accessible to all will be fundamental to making this happen.

Through the Quidd marketplace, fans can get ten dollars to start their QPR collections, and no pack will cost more than two dollars, meaning fans that sign up can open at least five free packs.


Unlike any other NFT marketplace, Quidd is designed to serve the fan and the collector instead of just the crypto whale. In fact, Quidd was formed 2 years before NFTs were even invented. That’s because digital collectibles are more than a store of value — they’re a store of culture, a way to take ownership over the stories, characters, and art that we hold dear.

We know that, because the world of web3 is still so new, some fans will be just fine collecting and completing sets of digital trading cards from our marketplace, and to that end, we’ve enabled our collectors to buy, sell, and cash out without ever having to touch an NFT. However, NFTs offer some collectors something closer to digital property rights where they can own their collectibles for even longer than Quidd can afford to pay its bills — a bit like storing something in a safe that lasts until the end of time.

Unlike other NFT marketplaces, blockchain technology merely enhances the Quidd experience as opposed to being fundamental to it. Quidd offers player collectibles that are mintable, but, ultimately, it’s up to the collectors to decide if they want to keep their digital trading card a digital trading card or if they want to turn it into an official NFT. We’re also chain agnostic, meaning collectors can pick which blockchain they want to use.

In this way, our mintables put the NFT decision into the hands of the collector: it’s up to you to decide if and how you want to turn your digital collectible into an immutable good.


When it comes to mainstream adoption, one of the biggest barriers that NFTs face is how they’re publicly perceived. Because misinformation about web3 products is still rampant, it’s easy for those who lack educational resources to assume that NFTs, crypto, and tokens are scams or get-rich-quick rug pulls.

Quidd’s unique moat against misinformation and bad PR is simple but powerful: with over 325 of the world’s most beloved brands on our platform, Quidd is quite literally built to help ease the fans and collectors alike into the process of purchasing their first digital collectible. We then offer a seamless onramp to educate these users on what NFTs are, how they work, and how they can be integrated into the Quidd experience.

By providing meaningful exposure to some of the most recognizable characters and brands on the planet, Quidd offers a friendly bridge from traditional collecting to NFTs. For those who are just starting to dip their toes into the web3 world and are looking to explore safely, our marketplace provides a familiar onboarding structure that immediately creates a sense of trust, and will, in turn, lead to more and more of the crypto-curious choosing Quidd.


Leading investors in the web3 space argue that paths to tokenization will soon outweigh paths to revenue, which means proper token utility is essential to building the kind of products and protocols that are built to last.

Quidd is the first NFT marketplace that will make it possible to use its native token to purchase NFTs. We’re creating a seamless bridge between $QUIDD and the larger collectible community on our marketplace. The mission of our token is simple: to sustain the Quidd collector community and network participants for the next century. To do so, Quidd will use $QUIDD to forge a new cooperative economic model for its ecosystem — one that aligns motivations not just with Quidd’s collectors, but with additional participants, including rights-holders, artists, producers, retailers, and developers.

Think about it like this: giving our community the opportunity to buy into our native token is just like if eBay had allowed its earliest users to buy into the company itself in the late 1990s. We’re democratizing access to what we’re building and making it possible for every single one of you to become a contributor, owner, and investor. Our token is unique because it has true utility and allows our community to invest in the game-changing marketplace we’re creating in the NFT landscape.


Today, Quidd has millions of users and billions of dollars worth of digital assets. We’re in the process of leading the next wave of collector culture — one where individual collectors pass down item mythology, providing the necessary context and narrative to make old collectibles culturally significant and valuable to the next generation of collectors. This process is essential to seeding future demand, which is itself essential to sustaining the market over long time horizons.

Today, individual collectors provide essential online and offline liquidity so that once meaning and value are established, new collectors have a path to acquire sought-after items. They also create and maintain the social fabric that binds the community together. In addition to making items appealing on a mass scale and, subsequently, establishing a consensus of worth, individual collectors also facilitate the exchange of them and effectively create the social world of collectibles. In this way, Quidd fosters deep relationships that bind collectors to each other, creating what is perhaps the most sought-after component in the web3 world: a true community. Not only will Quidd establish a retention mechanism for years to come — it will build a metaverse of its own that offers the kind of authentic connections that people strive to create no matter who or where they are.

For all of these reasons and many more, Quidd’s success is inevitable, and there’s no question that we will be the catalyst that’s responsible for bringing a billion people into the world of NFTs. This is only the beginning, and we’re so happy to have you on this journey with us.

DISCLAIMER: the QUIDD token is only being offered to people outside the US.



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The official utility token of the Quidd community of collectors, creators, and developers. The QUIDD token is being offered solely to persons outside the US.